Henry Olsen
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November prospects

Politics | A jump in President Trump’s approval rating boosts GOP hopes
by Henry Olsen
Posted 2/15/18, 03:11 pm

President Donald Trump’s job approval ratings have risen a lot in the last month. Many Republicans think this improvement may be good enough to save them from an electoral wipeout this fall. That may yet happen, but the improvements so far are not good enough to remove the GOP from danger.

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Tax breaks and politics

Politics | The GOP shouldn’t expect a major political boost from its tax-cut plan
by Henry Olsen
Posted 12/12/17, 11:14 pm

Republicans have been banking all year on the idea that in November 2018 voters will look at a roaring economy whose flames have been stoked by a gigantic tax cut and reward the party that passed it. My sense: The impact will be neither as positive for GOP fortunes as Republicans hope nor as negative as Democrats desire.

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Avoiding the midterm panic

Politics | For Republicans in Congress, the sky is not falling
by Henry Olsen
Posted 11/08/17, 12:27 pm

We’re now a year away from the 2018 congressional midterm elections. The media and most pundits are convinced the midterms will be good news for Democrats because of President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings. A fairer reading of the data is more mixed: Republicans have reason to be wary, but they are not yet looking at the sort of “wave” election that sweeps one party out of office with massive losses.

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